Director Profiles

Mrs. Sujatha Reddy

Managing Director & Founder

Mrs. Sujatha Reddy is a teacher by profession and has done teaching work for more than a decade. She is well versed and knows all about the activities which are managed within the company and have tremendously improved the level of the technical education across the schools imparted the same. She is very sharp and manages the overall work in completely processed manner and always maintains the time bound for the same.In the span of 7years of the work. company has did the educational initiatives for more than 500 schools and successfully implemented the courses and the overall result is very much satisfied and appreciable.

Mr. Janardhan chidumalla

Director - Administration

The National Manager of our company Mr. Janardhan chidumalla has an experience of 15 years in this industry; responsible for managing all operations within the country he also involves taking responsibility for profit, revenue and quality targets. He also champions all aspects of National Sales in the territory both directly and potentially and delivering revenues associated with this class of customers and he is responsible for higher level planning for the overall strategic planning and direction of the company and he is a very talented person. His effort has made the company reach higher achievements and goals.

Mr.Mahesh Hemnani

Director - Sales & Marketing

As the Chief Executive Manager of our Company, Mr.Mahesh Hemnani is responsible for building and managing Education-focused Learning teams in India to support the company. With over 8 years of experience in leading the company to various heights, Mr. Mahesh has set up a channel of best schools within India and takes care of Quality control & smooth functioning of the India operations. He believes in developing and taking responsibility of the company on his shoulders and taking overall responsibility for quality management and enhancement of the company.